Network Shared Media

For anyone running WordPress Mulitiste, Network Shared Media is a must.

Upload your media ONCE…

Network Shared Media

…and use it across all your multisite installations.

Your days of paying for more storage for each multisite are over. For anyone running multisite, you’ll quickly see it’s a huge money saver!

Network Shared Media reduces the amount of storage in your hosting account.
No longer do you have to duplicate your media for each multisite installation.
…which results in a HUGE saving of both MONEY and TIME!!

Network Shared Media works for Featured Images, and Product Images in WooCommerce.
Works for subdomains, subfolders, and even multisite with domain mapping!
Imagine how much easier your multisite will be with Network Shared Media.

Fully supported, and actively developed to make sure Network Shared Media works for future versions of WordPress.

Grab your copy of Network Shared Media ~ NOW!

  • Does Network Shared Media work with WooCommerce? YUP!
  • More specifically, will Network Shared Media work on Featured ImagesYES!
  • Even more specifically, will Network Shared Media work on Product ImagesYES! YES! YES!
  • Will Network Shared Media work with an SSL? YOU BET!
  • What about Network Shared Media with domain mapping? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Can Network Shared Media work with subdomains? YES!
  • Would Network Shared Media save me on storage space in my hosting account? THAT’S EXACTLY WHY WE MADE IT!
  • If I’ve got a CDN, will Network Shared Media work then? WE’VE GOT A CDN RUNNING …NOW!
  • Will Network Shared Media grab me a craft beer at my favorite brewery? no

Who needs this plugin?

Anyone running multisite that will reuse images.

I’ve run across so many people who are running multisite that are having to reupload the EXACT same media over and over and over again for each site.  That is friggin redunkulous! Even if you’re running WooCommerce in a WordPress multisite environment, you can now stop duplicating the same image for each multisite.  Perhaps it’s a restaurant that has multiple locations that needs multisite.  Maybe it’s a retail store with several locations that needs multisite.  The most common scenario is folks using multisite for multilingual purposes.  Either way, when you’re reusing the same image over and over and over and over again, you’re taking up space in your hosting account!

Now it’s totally unnecessary!

Gone are the days of uploading the same image (or mp3, or mp4, or pdf, or anything other type of media) over and over and over again!  Now you can use ONE set of media for all of your multisites! Guess what, if you want to use it with multisite AND domain mapping, that’ll work as well!

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab Network Shared Media …NOW!