The original idea from this plugin came from Joost De Keijzer while reading this gist.  The plugin was completely dissected and put back together to work beyond WordPress 4.0.1 (…and a lot more!)

Network Shared Media in a WooCommerce Multisite Installation

Network Shared Media in a WooCommerce Multisite Installation

We needed something that worked with WooCommerce.  If you’re running WooCommerce in a Multisite environment, great news! This plugin will allow you to share both FEATURED and PRODUCT images between sites.


Not Afraid to PUBLICLY run WordPress Beta on our Multisite!

This site is currently running nightly bleeds via the beta plugin. We make 100% certain that our plugin STAYS working, and we confidently want to show You that as well! It’s vitally important for our multisites that this works for us. And we know that it’s important enough for you that we prove it’s forward compatibility. That is exactly why we keep this demo running WordPres Beta!

The original one kinda seemed a bit …”odd”.  It works for the “content” section, but, it wouldn’t work for the “Featured Image“.  Seems that would be the EXACT place you’ll always need to insert media. Our plugin also works for regular (non Woo) Featured Images as well! I’m sure that should come as no surprise. But we just wanted to make sure that all you non-Woo folks knew that it works for Featured Images.

Multisite Plugin works with Featured Images

Our Multisite Plugin works with Featured Images as well

Got Questions?

We want to publicly encourage questions over on the Questions Page.