Setup for this site

Setup for this site

I wanted to set up the most insane, off the wall, crazy environment for Network Shared Media.
Here’s what THIS SITE is running:

  • WordPress Multisite ~ I installed WordPress Multisite in the sub.domain set up.  Want to know why?  Read on….
  • Wildcard SSL ~ I could have very easily set up a /subfolder multisite.  That would have required only a traditional simple SSL.  But I wanted a challenge, (and some really insane proving ground for Network Shared Media) so this site is running on a Wildcard SSL!
  • Child Theme ~ While it doesn’t really impact Network Shared Media too much, I did go ahead and use a Child Theme for this site
  • CDN ~ comes with a built in CDN. I wanted to make sure to demonstrate the functionality of Network Shared Media with a Content Delivery Network. So, indeed, the CDN is active and running on this site.
  • Varnish ~ Again, not much bearing on the functionality of the Network Shared Media plugin, but I just wanted to be upfront and clear that it works fine with varnish caching.

Got all that?  Ok, here we go.  In addition to the main site, I’ve got 4 multisites running. I made posts and pages using the images that are only located in the main site’s media library!

Below is a link to each of them.  To fully verify and check the demos, here’s what to do:

  1. Open each, any, or all of these multisites.
  2. Once you get any of the multisites open, check out any of the posts and pages.
  3. Now, click any of the media ~ audio, video, or images.
  4. All the media will open with url showing it coming from the main site’s media library.

It works pretty dang nicely!