1. The license is for support and ongoing maintenance to ensure this plugin stays current with WordPress Core, all the conundrums of multisite, and WooCommerce‘s updates as well.
  2. We consistently keep nightly builds and beta instances of WordPress running to make sure this plugin is forward compatible.
  3. The license It is good for TWO (yes 2!) full years from the date of purchase.
  4. Since Network Shared Media works with domain mapping (<–pretty cool, right!?!!), it’s a bit difficult to put strict, traditional per site limitations on this particular license. Therefore each license is good for one multisite installation. In all pragmatic theory, you could have one multisite installation powering dozens, hundreds, and thousands of domain mapped multisites.
  5. We use this plugin on many large enterprise accounts, so I have to make sure this plugin stays current. Consequently, I will provide support for this plugin as long as humanly possible and personally guarantee that it works for the core / default WordPress media uploader, and current versions of WooCommerce’s core.

Enjoy all the time saving, server saving, money saving, bandwidth savings of the Network Shared Media plugin.  But don’t be a jerk on the support.  If you need support on several different instances, grab another license. ~ Thanks!

  • After the initial year, the licenses are set to a renewal rate of 50%.
  • Renewal does not happen automatically.
  • You will receive reminder emails prior to the expiration
  • The plugin will not be disabled after the license expires….but,
  • We simply cannot guarantee the plugin will continue to work because..
  • Any and all updates are available only to current license holders

We bust our rumps staying up late and purposefully make time to keep this plugin working.

We guarantee the following:

  1. Will work with the current version of WordPress ~ We actually run nightly builds on this site just to stay ahead of all WordPress updates!
  2. Work with the current version of WooCommerce! ~ That was actually our primary reason for making this plugin.
  3. Work for a multisite setup using either or sub/folders. Either way, it works.
  4. Work for domain mapping! So, if you want to map out 5, 15, or 50 sites, go right ahead
  5. Save you a {infinite} amount of space in your hosting account
  6. Give you support for this plugin

Running a WordPress multisite is not for the faint-at-heart.  It is a very delicate tool.  If used correctly it can be incredibly powerful.  This plugin adheres to WordPress’s core functionality. So, having said that, we know that there has got to be a situation where this plugin won’t work.  The good thing is that we have not heard of even one scenario that ‘breaks’ this plugin.  Consequently….

What we will simply can not guarantee:

  1. That this plugin will work with every plugin possible …in the world wide web.

Sounds like common sense, right?  I know. But we thought we’d go ahead and type it out just in case.