Network Shared Media for Theme Authors

This one is for all the Theme Authors out there!

I just got done with a Google Hangout with a guy that makes some really awesome themes. Like some of the more knowledgeable theme authors, he’s running all his demos on WordPres Multisite. Original Images Duplicated Images Even More Images Yet More Images More Images Again!
Some of his images are unique for each demo. However, for the most part, all the images are the same default stock filler images.

This is exactly why Network Shared Media for theme authors works out GREAT!

As most of you know, every time you spin up a new multisite in WordPress – or in his case a demo of a theme – you’re adding new images for the new site – or demo.

So, he told me how much space all those additional (duplicated) images were using, and that he was having to pay extra for the space. It wasn’t that he had to pay extra, the main problem was that the extra that he was paying was taking away from his total profit every month!
Seriously. Think about this:
What if you could spin up as many demos as you’d like using WordPress Multisite, and never -EVER- have to worry about how much storage space your images take up on the server?
Like Thousands? Well… technically, you could spin up an infinite amount of demos and NEVER duplicate an image again!  Your server’s storage space cost should never eat into your profits!

Did I mention this works on domain mapping as well? So… um… yeah… you could actually use this to power millions of domains as well! …just sayin’

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